The Andy Milonakis NFT Show, EP. 11 – Live Minting, NFT Parties, And ASAP Rocky

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Tonight, on The Andy Milonakis NFT Show: a video-heavy episode in which we get to see Milonakis freestyle with ASAP Rocky. But first, we explore the New York city NFT scene through Andy Milonakis lens, and get to see how a novel idea plays out. A live minting of NFTs. Before that, though, Andy has to defend the stars of the last episode, The Island Boys. We don’t know what Andy is responding to, because the person deleted the whole account after receiving this verbal beating.

And then, the reveal. Andy Milonakis was an Island Boy all along.

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Milonakis’ Plans To Support New Artists

Great news! Andy wants to “help artists make some sales and grow their name.” So, when his main NFT series is ready, he’s going to “do IRL digital art shows and put together a series of 1/1s from other artists but under my account, that I promote.” Better yet, the artists will get 100% of the sale.

However, don’t spam Milonakis with your artwork just yet. He’ll “make an official announcement when I’m ready to start the series.

Speaking about his NFT series, it’s coming in a couple of weeks. And the Discord exploited, and at the time of writing has more than 8000 members and tons of activity.

Live Minting With Bright Moments DAO

This one we’ve never seen before. Bright Moments is an “NFT Art Gallery DAO,” they threw a live minting event for their NFT project CryptoCitizens. Of course, they invited Andy Milonakis to mint a CryptoNewYorker for free.

Here, a Bright Moments representative explains what a DAO is and how the live minting works.

And then, we can see Milonakis getting his newly minted CryptoNewYorker. They present him as a representative of Staten Island, so, as one does, Andy makes a Wu-Tang Clan reference. Nobody in the audience gets it, which is heartbreaking, but we won’t hold them against them.

In another video from the same night, actor and ex-Spider-Man Tobey Maguire receives his own NFT.

ETHUSD price chart for 11/04/2021 - TradingView

ETH price chart for 11/04/2021 on FTX | Source: ETH/USD on

The Bored Apes Yacht Party

There’s a party going on in NYC. Assistants were required to show proof of ownership of a BAYC. Milonakis not only had access to all areas, but he also got this cool gear:

At the party, Andy met with notorious collectors.

Plus, he judged a costume contest.

Milonakis also got an Anonymice chain.

The idea of bringing NFTs into the real world seems to be this episode’s connective tissue. There’s definitely a big business opportunity here if any of you readers has the skills to produce something wearable to display NFTs.

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Anyway, back to the story. Andy Milonakis lost the boat and had no choice but to keep on partying. Because of that extra time, he got to rap alongside ASAP Rocky. The clip of the cypher, of course, went viral. Even XXL Magazine posted it.

After that, Milonakis organizes a revolution. As it seems, he’s the one keeping the party alive and taking them all on a pizza field trip… but wait, what’s up with that cartoon vehicle that goes by?

And that’s our eleventh episode of The Andy Milonakis NFT show. As you can see, NFTs are crawling out of the screen and taking the streets.

Featured Image: Andy Milonakis screenshot from this video | Charts by TradingView

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