Vitalik Buterin on Ethereum’s ‘Roads Not Taken’

March 31, 2022 0

Ethereum could have been less complex, Buterin writes. Its virtual machine could have used existing code rather than a bespoke solution. Its developers could have gone with a crude version of proof-of-stake (the consensus algorithm […]


Bitcoin Dips From $48K Resistance; Support at $43K

March 31, 2022 0

Bitcoin (BTC) is declining from overbought levels, although buyers could remain active around $43K support. Sellers could remain active into the Asia trading day until oversold signals appear on intraday charts. Source link


Composable Finance Raises $32 Million in Series A

March 31, 2022 0

Composable Finance is pleased to announce that it has raised $32 million in Series A funding. The round included notable investors in the space. GSR, Tendermint Ventures, Fundamental Labs, Coinbase Ventures, LongHash Ventures, Figment VC, […]