Decentralized Search Engine Presearch Integrates With NFT Marketplace OpenSea

Decentralized search engine Presearch has integrated with OpenSea to build non-fungible token (NFT) searches into its platform.

  • Presearch aspires to be a kind of “Google…for the Web 3 era of decentralization,” according to founder Colin Pape.
  • Its aim for the integration with the world’s largest NFT marketplace is to streamline the way in which users can search for NFTs. Presearch says it is the first search engine to offer such a feature.
  • Users will search the names of NFT projects and receive the top results from OpenSea.
  • Blockchain-based Presearch has 2.7 million registered users, who earn PRE tokens each time they perform a search. Advertisers can also stake PRE tokens into a specific search term, with the advertiser who stakes the most having their ad show up when users search for that term.

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