Why Digital Asset Adoption in Commerce Is Gaining Momentum

Why Digital Asset Adoption in Commerce Is Gaining Momentum

● In digital asset commerce, transactions operate as a “push” from the customer to the merchant. The Coinbase Commerce API creates a unique charge to identify the transaction and wait on payment. The customer then performs the transaction on the blockchain, where it is detected by Coinbase in the merchant address. Coinbase’s turnkey API gives merchants the opportunity to manage their own accounts without the hassle of managing blockchain transactions directly, while also taking advantage of Coinbase’s scale, regulatory expertise, rigorous security infrastructure that helps protect against lost or stolen funds and compliance with AML/KYC regulations. Additionally, the Coinbase Commerce platform is not just limited to API, but also comes with a number of hosted products that make it easy for merchants to accept crypto payments without the technical complexity they might encounter with API-only products.

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