Where to buy Solana now

Solana is the fifth cryptocurrency by market cap. It has been doing very well recently. Melania Trump announced she would launch NFTs on its blockchain. It’s not certain if that has anything to do with the following, but today, Solana is up almost 4%. This article explains what Solana is and where you can buy Solana.   

Top places to buy Solana now


eToro is one of the world’s leading multi-asset trading platforms offering some of the lowest commission and fee rates in the industry. It’s social copy trading features make it a great choice for those getting started.

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Binance has grown exponentially since it was founded in 2017 and is now one of, if not the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges on the market.

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What is Solana?

Solana is a highly functional open source project that banks on blockchain technology’s permissionless nature to provide decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions. While the idea and initial work on the project began in 2017, Solana was officially launched in March 2020 by the Solana Foundation with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Solana protocol is designed to facilitate decentralized app (DApp) creation. It aims to improve scalability by introducing a proof-of-history (PoH) consensus combined with the underlying proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus of the blockchain.

Should I buy Solana today?

Solana can be a lucrative investment, but take all recommendations with a grain of salt. Never risk more money than you can afford to lose.  

Solana price prediction

WalletInvestor is very bullish on Solana. They predict the price can go up to $552 in one year. The revenue potential is +207% in one year. In 2026, they believe the Solana future price will be as much as $2,043.

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