NUPL & MVRV Reach Crucial Levels: Ethereum (ETH) On-Chain Analysis

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In this article, BeInCrypto will take a look at on-chain indicators for Ethereum (ETH), more specifically Net Unrealized Profit/Loss (NUPL) and Market Value To Realized Value (MVRV).


NUPL is and indicator that divides unrealized profits with unrealized losses. It measures the hypothetical profit/loss for investors if all coins were to be sold at the current time.

The indicator reached a yearly high of 0.77 in January (black circle) This can be seen as a sign of an overheated market.

Afterwards, it fell twice below the 0.5 threshold (red circles), which at the time was seen as a sign of weakness, since it indicated a weakening trend.

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Previously, decreases below the 0.5 levels (black circles) have marked the end of the bull run. Therefore, it is crucial that the indicator manages to hold on above this level. 

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MVRV is an indicator that simply measures the ratio between the market and realized capitalization levels. It is used to determine if an asset is priced near its fair value. 

High readings can be considered signs of tops, indicating that the market is overbought. Similarly, low readings can be considered signs of bottoms, showing an oversold market.

Historically, the 1.9 level seems to have acted as support for ETH. This was the case in July and Sept 2017, since both the indicator and price bounced after a low close to 1.9 was reached (black circles). Therefore, the reading was associated with a local low prior to the continuation of the upward movement. 

Afterwards, the level acted as resistance on Aug 2020, before turning to support afterwards (black line). There is a significant deviation on July 2021, but the level was reclaimed shortly afterwards. 

Currently, MVRV is trading just above this level and could potentially initiate a bounce. 

Similarly to the 0.5 level in the NUPL, the 1.9 level in MVRV is very significant, and it is crucial that ETH stays above it for the bullish trend to remain intact.

Chart By Glassnode

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