Cardano Blockchain Congestion at An All-Time High

The Cardano NFT marketplace recently closed its first round of artist applications but has experienced congestion, which is affecting transaction finality.

The Cardano blockchain load hit an all-time high of 92.8% on Jan. 24, 2022. This means that there is a high volume of transactions on the Cardano blockchain, which could lead to transaction failures, and issues updating listing prices and delistings. Blockchain congestion can be checked on If the 5-minute congestion measurement is above 85%, and this could cause issues.

If an error pops up when trying to buy, list, or sell an item, saying, “Oops, something went wrong,” the Re-sync button should be clicked. If this still doesn’t work, it means that the blockchain load is greater than 95%, and it may take up to two hours for a transaction to go off.

There is a notice on the NFT marketplace jpgstore to inform other users of your issue, and if the issue is not resolved by visiting the Frequently Asked Questions, then users must go to its discord channel where it can log a support ticket.

Nami and CCVault wallets supported

To buy NFTs, one needs to connect either a Nami or CCVault wallet. To start buying the NFTs, the chosen wallet must contain ADA from any centralized exchange that sells ADA. These include Coinbase, Kraken, FTX, or Binance. The ADA can then be sent to the Nami Wallet by copying/pasting the public address. Collateral must be added to interact with the smart contract. On Jan. 20, 2022, a Twitter user @berry_ales tweeted, “I see people complaining about Nami being slow and having tx failures Nami operates as always, however with the high chain load, transactions take longer than usual. Submitting another tx without waiting for the other tx to be confirmed leads to failure. Why is that?”

Yesterday, he said, “Things should run now a bit smoother with @NamiWallet. I researched a lot the past few days and tried out a lot of things together with @blockfrost_io. So initially blockfrost was running a few nodes for tx submission with 20MB mempools. These mempools were filled up completely.”

Cardano offering mentoring to artists.

The NFT marketplace jpgstore is offering mentoring for the minting and launching of NFT collections on Cardano. The aim is to get artists to focus on their art while the complexity of minting and listing is taken away. Prospective artists need to fill out an application form. Applications for the first cohort closed on Jan. 22, 2022.

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