Pioneering Cryptographer Develops Quantum-Resistant Messaging App

Key Takeaways

  • Legendary cryptographer David Chaum has developed a private messenger app purported to be resistant to hacks by quantum computers.
  • The app uses quantum-resistant cryptography to protect message content.
  • Chaum is the founder of XX Network, and is sometimes said to be the inventor of electronic cash.

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David Chaum, a pioneer in cryptography and widely recognized as the inventor of digital cash, has developed a fully-decentralized, private messenger app purportedly resistant to quantum attacks.

XX Messenger Claims Quantum-Resistance

Privacy advocates have a reason to celebrate today, as renown cryptographer David Chaum has revealed a privacy-protected, purportedly quantum-resistant messenger app that uses blockchain technology to scrub sender and receiver metadata.

Unlike more popular messaging apps, which are susceptible to having their communications intercepted and decoded by quantum computers, XX Messenger has been built to be resilient to these types of interferences, hence resulting in a much higher degree of privacy preservation.

Quantum computers use quantum bits (or qubits) to carry information. Unlike the binary bits used in classical computers, qubits are capable of processing vastly more data and information, in part because they are able to function as both 0 and 1 simultaneously. As a result, quantum computers can solve problems conventional computers cannot.

XX Messenger takes this into account and is built on the XX Network, which boasts quantum-resistant and privacy-focused technology that allows users to communicate in real time through hundreds of decentralized nodes operating worldwide.

To further expand on its decentralization, the XX Messenger operates on open source software run by more than 350 independently-owned nodes in more than 80 countries.

In a Businesswire press release published today, David Chaum said:

“Recent privacy concerns have sensitized the public to problems with control of personal information by centralized entities like Facebook. Realizing that their information is being misused by corporate entities, people are now trying to understand how to use cryptography and smartphones to protect themselves and change society in beneficial ways; xx messenger is securely decentralizing private communication the way Bitcoin decentralized finance. Let’s do this right: let’s take control of our own information—and our destiny.”

The app is compatible with IOS and Android devices and can be downloaded for free via the App Store and Play Store respectively.

Disclosure: At the time of writing, the author of this piece owned ETH and other cryptocurrencies.

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