Where Do Financial Advisers Stand on Crypto? Inside Bitwise’s 2022 Benchmark Survey

“I think getting smart on crypto is one of the biggest business development opportunities for advisers of the next handful of years.”

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Joining “On Purpose” host Tyrone Ross is Matt Hougan, CIO of crypto asset manager Bitwise. Hougan and Ross discuss Bitwise and ETF Trend’s joint benchmark survey of adviser attitudes towards the crypto asset class. The report surveyed over 600 advisers and revealed key indicators of the Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) industry’s perceptions of crypto. How many advisers have personal crypto holdings? Why is there a discrepancy between advisers’ personal holdings and client allocations in crypto? What factors are holding advisers and investors back?

Adviser engagement with crypto assets is on the rise, but client involvement is lagging behind. Continued education is key to relieving concerns on regulation, volatility and more surrounding crypto.

Retail and institutional investors alike have a significant presence in crypto. Will 2022 finally be the year the RIA industry joins them?

This show is produced, announced and edited by Michele Musso with additional production support from Eleanor Pahl. Our Theme song is “Walk With Swag.”

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