Cryptos register gains, all major US indices surge

The crypto markets were in the green this morning, with the majority of top 10 cryptos registering gains over the past 24 hours.

All three major US indices surged higher yesterday as investors piled back into big-name technology stocks. Shares in streaming giants Spotify (+10.72%) and Netflix (+11%) boomed after both firms were upgraded by investment firm Citi.  

Top cryptos

Bitcoin was up around 3%, trading above $38,000 at time of writing. Other cryptos went on to register some impressive gains, including Ethereum, up around 9%, Polkadot, which was seen up around 11%, and Solana, which jumped around 17%. 

Cardano and XRP were 2% and 5% higher, respectively, and outside the top 10, Cosmos jumped approximately 13%.

Top movers

Outside the top 20, most coins gained from 3 to 8%. Tezos, Nexo, and Curve DAO Token added 9% each to their value. Metaverse token Gala added 10%, and Aave – 12%,

Mina, the token of a minimal blockchain developed to curtail computational requirements in order to run DApps more efficiently, has risen by 13% in the last 24 h. Render continues to accumulate gains. It added 9% to its value today.  


CHEDDA began to surge on news of an upcoming listing on ZTexchange and has gained 66% just today.

The live SUKU price today is $0.49 with a 24-hour trading volume of $66.3 million. SUKU is up 59% in the last 24 hours, surging on news of a Binance listing. 

Orca has been soaring since a recent listing on Kraken. Inbound transfers are now available for Orca on Coinbase in regions where trading is supported.

The biggest gainer is Wall Street Capital (WSC), a reinvented version of MCC and other MCC forks. Holders benefit instantly from the assets that WSC acquires.

WSC’s 5% treasury tax is used to buy assets. The token has gained the mind-blowing 1,494% today.

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