The Uber Rich Investors Are Picking This Altcoin Over Bitcoin

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For many years and likely many years to come, bitcoin has been the number 1 digital asset for investors, especially those looking to invest in the long-term. When big money started entering into the crypto space, bitcoin was the first stop before it diversified into other assets. However, as time as gone by and more altcoins are beginning to gain popularity, bitcoin is losing its hold as the number 1 choice for investors.

A recent survey that featured respondents from the ultra-wealthy class showed that they did not favor bitcoin as their first choice. Rather, they picked an altcoin whose growth has rivaled and even surpassed that of bitcoin since its inception.

Ethereum Comes On Top revealed that the wealthy are gradually moving away from bitcoin. Their obvious choice besides the leading cryptocurrency is ethereum, which is currently the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

The numbers provided by the crypto exchange showed that ethereum has made its mark on the wealthy. With its broad range of use cases and applications, like decentralized finance (DeFi) and NFTs, the value of the cryptocurrency has shot up exponentially. And with that has come more confidence from investors.

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The crypto exchange also noted that about 1 billion people are expected to be invested in the crypto market by 2022. By the look of things, ethereum may see a larger share of investors compared to bitcoin.

But Why ETH?

Well, for those investing in the crypto space, there could be a number of factors. One is the low-interest rates offered by banks and returns from traditional investment avenues like stock and bonds being too low to combat the inflation rate. So in order to keep inflation from eating away at their wealth, these investors have chosen the crypto market for their needs.

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Bitcoin had been the inflation hedge of choice for years before now. But all of that is changing as the ethereum network has taken major steps towards becoming deflationary. President and Founder of TIGER 21, Michael Sonnenfeldt, notes that the high inflation rates are what is pushing the uber-wealthy investors towards crypto, and by extension, ethereum.

“Like all investors, the super-rich are concerned about inflation and are looking to preserve their wealth in 2022,” said Sonnenfeldt.

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Likewise, another member of TIGER 21 explained that investors are starting to favor ethereum over bitcoin. Additionally, similar projects like Solana and Avalanche are also enjoying this support.

“I am very bullish on both Bitcoin and ETH. My personal assessment is that the tide is turning in favor of ETH. I also like Ethereum alternatives like Solana and Avalanche.” – Andy Sack, member of TIGER 21.

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