Owning Cryptocurrencies Makes You Hotter

Owning Cryptocurrencies Makes You Hotter

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Here’s how you get a win: Pay the bill using crypto. And definitely mention that NFT you bought.

Investing and owning cryptocurrencies is considered a positive thing for those who wish to start a relationship. This is according to research by eToro, one of the world’s largest social trading platforms. They conducted a survey to see if single Americans could use the cryptocurrency market as an ally, when it came to finding someone special.

Surprisingly, 33% of respondents say they would be more likely to go out with someone who mentions investing in/owning cryptocurrencies on their social media profile or on dating sites.

Valentine’s bill paying

If owning a crypto asset is an advantage, using them as a means of payment makes people even more attractive. About 75% said they would be more likely to go out again with the suitor if he used Bitcoin (BTC) or another cryptocurrency to pay the bill.

Valentine’s: NFTs also generate good impressions

Also according to the survey, almost 20% of individuals would be more romantically interested in someone who had a non-fungible token (NFT) as a profile picture on a social network.

It is worth noting that Twitter has already enabled its followers to use a tool that allows images of NFTs to be used as profile pictures. Reddit is considering following the same steps, while Instagram and YouTube are expected to release tools involving these assets to their communities soon.

The research results are surprising, especially since NFTs still cause mixed feelings. But with each passing day, more celebrities and normies enter this market.

valentine's day


On the other hand, the number of criticisms made to these assets is growing. The focus is usually the environmental impact that their production causes and the high amount spent on works that do not have real value.

Recently, rapper Kanye West urged his followers to stop asking him to enter this market, saying his focus is only on “building products in the real world.”

United States becomes largest crypto center

The U.S. is becoming the largest global center of the cryptocurrency market. China banned mining and investments in cryptocurrencies recently. But Uncle Sam steams on, and is already the largest Bitcoin mining hub in the world.
In addition, the country already has a publicly traded crypto exchange on its stock exchange. Several well-known names of the mainstream media are enthusiasts, such as Jack Dorsey and Mark Cuban.

In the political sphere, the governor of Texas and the mayors of Miami and New York gained increasing prominence by promoting the crypto life. Despite this, the U.S. does not yet have a defined regulatory framework on crypto assets.
Companies and investors wait for new guidelines to know how to act in this market.

Robinhood, the largest U.S. financial asset trading platform, said it will not list new cryptocurrencies until there is greater regulatory clarity on this market.

Last week, it was reported that the Biden administration intends to launch a comprehensive strategy on this sector. Greater regulatory clarity can be seen as something positive, as long as it does not impose many limitations on the use and development of technologies related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

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