Your Alternatives to Ethereum in 2022: Fantom and Seesaw Protocol

Your Alternatives to Ethereum in 2022: Fantom and Seesaw Protocol

The time has come to explore different, little-known paths in the crypto investment market. Is the aim of your investments in 2022 is to gain considerable returns?

Then allowing your capital to flow in narrower streams and moving away from mainstream crypto markets (like Ethereum or Bitcoin, which crashed last autumn, losing over 80% of its total value) is a good idea. Your crypto assets should now be focused on Altcoins, translation: any digital coin or digital medium of exchange other than Bitcoin (BTC).

This article will help you understand the value of young, small-scale but still exciting cryptocurrencies like Fantom (FTM) and Seesaw Protocol (SSW).

Seesaw Protocol (SSW), your sure bet!

A new and stimulating way of engaging with crypto investments has launched in January 2022. However, there is still time to get onboard the presale and go “all in” in your next sure investment bet. With an ascending, rocketing trajectory (950% rise since launch-day, to be exact) and a “sky is the limit” ethos, Seesaw Protocol is one of the coolest names in the crypto game right now.

Since it was put in motion in late 2021, SSW, with its democratic platform, has promised its investors great transparency, low fees, and best of all, the standard 3% fee from every transaction gets distributed amongst all wallet holders resulting in great gains when holding for a protracted length of time.

As mentioned above, the first presale for this innovative digital coin is open now (until Feb 25th). The plan for Seesaw is to have three slots of presales, with the last one closing just before the Easter holidays, on April 8. Foundations are solid, and the company is energetic and driven by growth and positivity.

Positivity is tangible, especially after the initial price (that was just $0.005), increasing stunningly in a very short period, pleasantly surprising early investors and overjoyed. This is, indeed, a story of success and one you could be part of too.

Fantom (FTM), the friendly alternative to Ethereum

Following in the footsteps of Seesaw Protocol (SSW), the Fantom Foundation (FTM), together with its offset OPERA, is also shining with potential on the crypto markets as a semi-young (born in 2018) platform focused on digital assets. This is your fresh and bright alternative to Ethereum (ETH).

ETH, compared to FTM is, of course, bigger as a platform, and it holds a larger number of DeFi and the most developers; however, Fantom, by using PoS mechanism and a leaderless attitude, manages to have high scalability at a lower cost, so it is, in fact, faster, cheaper and overall very efficient.

These are all traits you want the crypto you’re investing in to possess, even if it is a small-sized digital currency entity with a market cap of just 4.9 billion USD.

With its in-house token FTM, Fantom is the easy-to-use, friendly, and fast-growing/fast-moving Layer-1 blockchain that endeavors to speed up performances and transactions.

To date, Fantom has managed to reduce transaction activity to under two seconds. Impressive, FTM has a current market price of just pennies over $2 and a daily trading volume of $859,573,670. To talk more numbers, since its rise, Fantom Foundation has gained an enormous $40 million, and with that, it is now funding development and progress.

FTM developed a winner crypto-business concept in the Web 3.0 world. It connects a secure system together with decentralization and progressive scalability, overall very encouraging when it comes to holding or investing tokens.

2022 is a great year for smart investments. 

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