Out on $3M Bond, Alleged Bitfinex Hacker Rushes to Release New Rap Video

Out on $3M Bond, Alleged Bitfinex Hacker Rushes to Release New Rap Video

After being freed on a $3M bond, a YouTube channel belonging to Heather Morgan released three previously unseen videos on Friday, with a rap video among the exclusive content that is sure to delight her fans.

The videos, which were all made prior to her and her husband’s arrest, include an invitation to their wedding, a new video for Razzlekhan’s social distancing rap, and a ten-minute video of Illyia ‘Dutch’ Lichtenstein struggling to complete a 20-piece jigsaw puzzle.

Morgan and husband Illyia ‘Dutch’ Lichtenstein recently shot to notoriety following their arrest by the Department of Justice (DOJ) on February 8. Charged with laundering billions from the 2016 Bitfinex hack, the two now await trial.  Although Morgan is free pending their court case, husband Dutch has been deemed a flight risk, and will continue to cool his heels in jail.

The get hype wedding invite

The first of the three videos is an invitation to the couple’s wedding on November 13, 2021. The video begins with Morgan wishing good health upon everyone, before she pauses to acknowledge the fact that Dutch is staring at her as she talks.

“I’m just looking at you cos you look really hot,” says Dutch. “You can keep talking, you just look amazing.”

After this unscripted romantic moment, Dutch and Morgan employ unusually hard selling tactics to explain why friends and family should attend their wedding day. Here, Dutch takes the lead with the sales pitch.

“There’s going to be art, there’s going to be music – including some new Razzlekhan tracks that are unreleased that are going to be dropping. There’s going to be magic, there’s going to be games and activities and lots of surprises. You’re not going to want to miss this, it’s going to be really fun,” says Dutch.

“And there is going to be some dope custom swag,” adds Morgan, “Razzlekhan swag that is exclusive for this event. This is not your typical wedding, this is more like a concert, a festival, Halloween, Christmas, all the best things festivus rolled into one. And basically it’s all about being your real self and celebrating our love and friendship.”

Besides creating hype for the big day, the two are also keen to insist that the timing of the wedding in late 2021 means it will be safe from coronavirus, and that the two are taking all necessary precautions in any case. The late 2021 timing of the wedding may yet prove fortuitous in other ways, as under spousal privilege laws in the U.S. a person cannot be made to testify against their partner.

Razzlekhan in the park in v6 (version six) of her social distancing rap

The new rap video

The second video is version six of Razzlekhan’s coronavirus social-distancing rap, demonstrating the strong feelings the influencer holds. The song immediately gets to the heart of the matter as Razzlekhan perceives it, unpacking the issue for her listeners.

“Who got coronavirus? Who, who?
Who got coronavirus? Who, who?
Could be me, could be you!
Could be me, could be you!
Who got coronavirus? Who, who?

“Do your part! Social distance!
Do your part! Social distance!
Do your part! Social distance!
Stay six feet apart.

“Social distance!”

Scenes from the video witness the rap star dancing around New York at day and night, dancing in a shower and an elevator, and confidently juggling a single toilet roll while looking at herself in a bathroom mirror.

The rap concludes with Razzlehan attempting to parody a Southern American accent.

“How am I supposed to smoke? How am I going to make out with hot guys? How am I going to make money, you can’t give no blow jobs if you’re wearing a mask. God damn deep state,” she says as she satirizes the issue as only Razzlekhan can.

The most mind-bending puzzle

The final video of the trio is an attempt by Dutch to complete a 20 piece Christmas holiday jigsaw puzzle. At first, Dutch wrongly counts the puzzle as having 18 pieces, before correcting himself and wrongly stating it has ‘4 pieces on each side’.

“In school I had to do a puzzle as an intelligence test and they almost held me back for that,” says Dutch. “Everyone thinks I’m good at math, but they’re wrong.”

After watching Dutch labor with the puzzle for 10 minutes, Morgan takes over to put the final puzzle pieces in their place. While the video clearly demonstrates that two struggle to complete tiny jigsaw puzzles, it is not so clear whether the couple might better suit a nice game of 4D chess.

That is the question a jury of their peers will have to decide upon, but when it comes to this particular New York couple, that really is the most mind-bending puzzle of all.

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