Five of the top 10 cryptos dropped by double digits

Crypto assets were trending downward on Wednesday night, but when Russia began attacking Ukraine on Thursday morning, they took a dive even further.

US stocks went into freefall yesterday as tensions in Ukraine intensified. The SPX500 (-2.25%), DJ30 (-1.69%) and NASDAQ100 (-3.1%) all finished heavily in the red as investors fled for safe-haven assets.

The BEA will publicize preliminary GDP data for the fourth quarter of 2021 at 13:30 GMT, which may generate volatility in the markets.

Oil surged past $97 this morning as Russia began attacking Ukraine.

Top cryptos

Most coins in the top 20 lost around a tenth of their value on average. Five of the top 10 cryptos dropped by double digits over the past 24 hours: Cardano more than 15%, Avalanche 14%, Ethereum and BNB 12%, and XRP more than 11%.

Bitcoin was trading under $35,000 at time of writing, down more than 8% in the past day. Outside the top 10, Dogecoin, Polkadot, and Polygon lost more than 15%.

Top movers

The situation looks even worse outside the top 20, where the minimal loss suffered by a cryptocurrency is around 8%. Chainlink is down by more than 17% and Fantom, The Graph, Gala, and Elrond each lost 18%.

VeChain and AAVE have lost almost 17%. Theta Network, Harmony, Enjin Coin, Curve DAO Token, and Loopring each shed 19% of their value on news that Putin declared war on Ukraine.

PancakeSwap’s losses are just under 18%. Kadena has lost between 19-20% and Mina is down 20%. The biggest loser is Convex Finance, which shed almost a quarter of its value.


Unifty provides Contracts-as-a-Service solutions to enable digital artists and collectible issuers to create their own contracts for different purposes without coding knowledge. The token added 82% to its value in the last 24 hours.

Amid the gloom and doom, ACCEL is rallying on news of a Binance listing scheduled for today. The token has gained more than 18% in the last 24 hours. It is a multi-utility asset that claims to bring several real-world utilities to the crypto space.


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