Kevin O’Leary Mocks BitBoy Hunt for SBF, Starts Twitter Fight

Kevin O’Leary Mocks BitBoy Hunt for SBF, Starts Twitter Fight

Crypto personality Ben Armstrong, AKA BitBoy, is engaged in a Twitter feud with investor Kevin O’Leary. The latter has mocked Armstrong for his hunt for Sam Bankman-Fried in the Bahamas.

Billionaire investor Kevin O’Leary and crypto personality BitBoy are engaging in a public spat that is taking over social media. The former mocked BitBoy’s hunt for former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried in the Bahamas. BitBoy has flown to the Bahamas to interrogate Bankman-Fried in a quest that the majority of the crypto community finds entertaining.

O’Leary responded to a tweet from Ben Armstrong, BitBoy’s real name, telling him to “get a life.” Armstrong jokingly said in the initial tweet that he might turn up at O’Leary’s house.

Armstrong went one step further, calling O’Leary a “murderer” and accusing him of covering up his involvement in the FTX scandal. He also said that FTX investors should file a class action lawsuit against him “for his involvement in the FTX cover up & Celsius sabotage.”

The tweet exchange continued until six hours ago, with Armstrong reemphasizing his allegation of a cover-up. O’Leary retweeted this.

Naturally, the community has lapped up the drama, bringing out the metaphorical popcorn and anticipating the next round of salvos. Atozy, a popular YouTuber that BitBoy previously feuded with, chimed in to say that BitBoy had sued him for “saying way less,” referring to Armstrong’s ‘murderer’ tweet.

O’Leary himself has been at the receiving end of criticism from the crypto community over his words on FTX. They essentially described him as being in denial about the collapse.

BitBoy flies to the Bahamas to question SBF

Armstrong flew to the Bahamas to locate former FTX CEO Bankman-Fried and question him about the collapse. He posted on Nov. 27 saying that he had allegedly found the Bankman-Fried’s car with some pills and a laptop in plain view.

It’s unclear whether the former CEO is still in the Bahamas, though many believe this is the case. Armstrong has camped outside Bankman-Fried’s condo, attracting much attention. He said that it wasn’t about clicks but “about answers.”

Ripple rejects Bitboy’s job application

BitBoy is a controversial figure in his own right, making headlines for his lawsuit against Atozy for defamation. He dropped the lawsuit after public backlash.

The influencer has also been in the news for offering his candidacy as the Director of Strategy and Operations. Ripple rejected this offer four days after receiving it. This was around the time when XRP was making considerable gains.


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