Early Pepe Coin Investor Turned $27 Into $1 Million

Early Pepe Coin Investor Turned $27 Into $1 Million – Is $WSM the Next Pepe?

Every once in a while a particular crypto asset dominates the headlines and captures the attention of huge numbers of retail investors – often for its simplicity, trendy name and meme appeal. 

Back in the 2021 bull run that was Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, meme coins based around a cute Japanese dog breed. More recently a coin named after the Pepe the Frog internet meme achieved the same success. Pepe (PEPE) was launched in mid April 2023 and minted new millionaires even faster than DOGE and SHIB did.

In this post we look at how some early investors managed to net a $1 million profit or more from buying Pepe, and speculate on what the next Pepe coin could be to hit the market. Our top picks include two upcoming meme tokens AiDoge (AI) and Wall Street Memes (WSM) – that are soon to be listed on crypto exchanges after racing through their presales.

From a Small Pepe Coin Investment to $1 Million

Many retail traders will invest $1,000 or less into an altcoin and hope it ‘goes to the moon’ with greater short term upside potential than the big caps like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

That’s exactly what one investor did, buying $27 worth of $PEPE during its initial coin offering (ICO) – at the time that was equivalent to 5.9 trillion tokens. He may have been drawn to how recognizable the Pepe meme was even outside of cryptocurrency, as unlike Dogecoin and Shiba Inu its imagery is popular in political circles as well.

Initially listed on Uniswap and then a slew of centralized crypto exchanges, the Pepe price exploded by over three million percent in three weeks, and even more on some exchanges when its biggest CEX listing was announced – Binance.

The Pepe price has since retraced as Coinbase refused to list Pepe coin – the downside of its political nature, as Coinbase branded it a ‘hate symbol’ – but that over 340,000x increase turned $27 into approximately $1 million for that unknown wallet address, whose incredible gains were tracked on Etherscan.

He wasn’t the only trader to hit the jackpot with Pepe coin – another story featured on Hackernoon describes a crypto influencer who bought Pepe early on at a price of $0.0000000578 and decided to hold onto his position even after noticing 1,000% gains early on.

He eventually started scaling out after two weeks of holding at a price of $0.00000431 – the blow-off top for Pepe happened so fast that the wick isn’t recorded on the DEXTools Pepe price chart. Some $PEPE derivatives pairs spiked even higher than that as shorts were liquidated when CZ Binance announced his exchange would list Pepe, alongside another meme coin Floki Inu.

While that influencer didn’t mention exactly how much he bought, he claims he also turned a double digit investment into seven figures.

What’s The Next Pepe Coin? Two Contenders

Many new meme coins have enjoyed several hundred percent pumps but not quite come close to the success of Pepe yet – that list includes Wojak, Generational Wealth (GEN), Ben, Bob, Mong, RefundCoin and more.

Picking out the next Pepe coin is no easy feat but the best is often to enter a position as early as possible – when a new meme token is still at the pre-ICO or presale stage.

AiDoge is currently on the final round of its presale at aidoge.com and set to be listed on its first DEX and CEX platforms later this month.

AiDoge’s native token $AI powers a meme generation platforms – acting as a rewards token for the first of its kind ‘meme to earn’ project. Meme artists and creators generate internet memes using AI-based text prompts, and are then rewarded for sharing their creations on the project’s public wall, where memes are voted on.

Wall Street Memes is even earlier in its roadmap, with its presale having started just two weeks ago. Currently over $6.5 million has been raised from early investors optimistic it could be the next Pepe.

Its native token $WSM is also a rewards token and a way to tokenize the popular meme stocks movement that led to the infamous AMC and GameStop short squeeze. Learn more at wallstmemes.com.

Similar to Pepe, these two projects incorporate popular trends outside of cryptocurrency – artificial intelligence and stocks trading. 

Noted crypto analyst Jacob Bury also highlighted how the official $WSM Twitter account has even been interacted with by Elon Musk, whose attention can trigger a bull run as it has in the past for DOGE.

Visit Wall Street Memes Presale


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