r/CryptoCurrency Joins Together to Leave ‘Moon’ in Reddit Artwork

r/CryptoCurrency Moons (MOON) Members Rally for ‘Moon’ Symbol in Reddit Artwork

This week, r/place refreshed its crowdsourced pixel art project. And one r/CryptoCurrency moderator has promised to give 50 MOONs to each community member who helps stake out a corner of the canvas.

Can Reddit’s preeminent crypto community leave an enduring mark on the platform’s collaborative artwork?

Reddit’s Experiment in Collaborative Art

First launched in 2017, the r/place project is an experiment in online community art-making.

The basic concept is simple. Each Redditor can place one pixel every five minutes on an online canvas. Each year, the r/place project runs for several days. This year, the experiment started on July 20 and will run until July 24.

Because so many people get involved, members of different subreddits have to work together if they want their community to be represented. And competition for space is fierce.

Over the years, groups have formed with the sole intention of claiming territory on the r/place canvas.

For example, the r/TheBlueCorner subreddit is committed to staking out (you guessed it) a blue corner of the r/place canvas. This year, the community has managed to maintain its little blue square on the bottom right-hand side of the canvas for the entirety of its duration. 

r/CryptoCurrency Eyes Representation on r/place

For the 2023 edition of r/place, the r/CryptoCurrency community has been collaborating to create and maintain its own contribution to the canvas.

Consisting of a moon, a rocket, an upward-trending line graph, and the words “nothing happened”, the subreddit has made an enduring mark.

r/CryptoCurrency art on r/place canvas
A Section of the r/place Canvas (Source: Reddit)

To encourage people to contribute, one r/CryptoCurrency moderator has promised to reward any members whose pixel is visible on the final canvas with 50 MOONs.

What are MOON Tokens? The Reddit Coin Everyone’s Talking About

In the same week that r/CryptoCurrency members are busy placing pixels on r/place, interest in their in-house coin has exploded.

The MOON cryptocurrency was first launched as an ERC-20 token on Ethereum in 2020. Since then, members of r/CryptoCurrency have used it to reward each other for contributing.

Following changes to Reddit’s policy and speculation that Crypto.com could list the currency, the price of MOON surged this week.

From less than $0.10 USD on Sunday, from Monday, MOON skyrocketed. At its peak on Wednesday, the coin hit an all-time high price of $0.65 USD.


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