Presidential Candidate Says Bitcoin is the Currency of Free Society

Pro-Bitcoin presidential candidate Robert Kennedy bought 14 Bitcoin (BTC) to prove support for the asset he believes is the antidote to political censorship and necessary for a free society.

Speaking on Scott Melker’s Twitter spaces yesterday, the Kennedy family scion said Bitcoin is central to fighting exclusion from the banking system.

Bitcoin is Currency of Free Society

He cites the closing of COVID-19 dissident Joseph Mercola’s bank account as proof that the US needs politically-agnostic money.

“Here we have a powerful banking interest that that has received all kinds of federal government support…and it is shutting down one of its customers for political speech.” 

Kennedy bought 14 BTC for his children to signal his support for the asset, which first surfaced during Bitcoin Miami. Political agendas have used Bitcoin’s environmental impact as a smokescreen to suppress the asset, he suggested.

The New York Times claimed Mercola and Kennedy were part of the “Disinformation Dozen,” a group responsible for spreading vaccine disinformation. Mercola has been accused of exploiting news moments to promote alternative health treatments the wider medical community has largely disproved.

Instead of dismissing vaccines, Mercola questioned their safety which made his posts difficult for social media companies to moderate. 

Kennedy Wins Bitcoin Support

Similarly, Kennedy’s pro-Bitcoin stance has won support from the Bitcoin community while courting ridicule from government organizations. 

Earlier this year, the Democratic candidate said the FedNow instant payment system foreshadowed “financial slavery and political tyranny.” Several commentators pointed out that, at the time, the Federal Reserve had announced the FedNow system without mentioning a central bank digital currency (CBDC) that many fear will lead to a surveillance state.

Still, Kennedy highlighted the number of times the Biden administration stifled crypto business as a sign of their anti-crypto agenda. He predicted they would use another pandemic to promote a CBDC over physical cash and kill crypto in the process.

The alleged agenda was christened “Operation Choke Point 2.0” by venture capitalist Nic Carter. The term refers to an Obama-era program to stifle legal industries through political censorship.

Robert Kennedy has promoted Bitcoin as a the currency of a free society absent political censorship but is yet to win popularity with Democratic voters.
The Granite State Poll, a state of opinion project conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center | Source: UNH

Kennedy is unlikely to win the Democratic nomination, with online wagers pegging his odds of victory at 11%. Upon entering the presidential race, only 2% of Democrat voters said he would be their first choice.

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