UIP Scores x800%, Here 3 Altcoins To Watch: DOMI, QUBE, ROE

UIP Scores x800%, Here 3 Altcoins To Watch: DOMI, QUBE, ROE

UnlimitedIP (UIP), a provider of proxy servers and residential IPs, has announced that it has seen an 800% increase in sales in the past year.  This development has caught the attention of investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. As Web3 enthusiasts explore new altcoins to watch out for, Domini (DOMI), InQubeta (QUBE), and Borroe ($ROE) stand out as potential game-changers in 2023. 

Domini (DOMI): Where Art Meets Finance: 

Domini is a pioneering art marketplace built on the Ethereum blockchain. It integrates traditional art with cutting-edge blockchain technology. This novel approach transforms the art investment landscape by enabling seamless access to blue-chip artworks through fractional investments, widening the scope for a broader audience. 

By fusing art with blockchain, Domini ensures transparency and liquidity, revolutionizing the art investment sphere.

At Domini, each artwork is meticulously tokenized into a distinct NFT, creating an unalterable ownership record, and fractional ownership of prestigious artworks is attainable. This innovative method dismantles conventional barriers, offering accessibility, flexibility, liquidity, and the chance to diversify your art portfolio.

The DOMI (ERC-20) token is a deflationary asset strategically designed to bolster token value through repurchasing and burning mechanisms.

DOMI is in its beta presale stage, available at a price of $0.0021. With more than 9.9 million DOMI tokens already sold. As the beta stage presale phase concludes, the DOMI price will increase to $0.002625.

The DOMI token supply is 1,000,000,000, with a presale supply of 650 million tokens available. Domini stands at the forefront of merging art and finance, forging a path toward an era where exclusive art investments are accessible, transparent, and lucrative for everyone.

Purchasing the DOMI token offers various options. Users can utilize Credit or Debit Cards (when linked to a wallet) or opt for transactions using ETH, USDT, USDC, and other notable cryptocurrencies. Additionally, users can register on the website either through their email address or by linking their defi Wallet for a seamless experience.

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InQubeta (QUBE): Simplifying AI Startup Funding 

InQubeta (QUBE) is a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform designed specifically for AI startups. The platform aims to revolutionize how AI startups raise funds and engage with their community.

The InQubeta token, QUBE,  is a deflationary ERC20 token designed to be used as a means of exchange on the platform, allowing users to invest in AI startups and participate in the platform’s NFT marketplace. 

InQubeta provides an innovative way to mint investment opportunities as NFTs, which can be listed on the platform for QUBE token holders to invest in.

At press time, QUBE is in its stage 3 presale phase and has achieved a significant milestone by raising an impressive $2.2 million, with over 80.38% of the QUBE tokens already sold out. This substantial accomplishment in the presale phase fosters heightened investor confidence.

The QUBE token offers a unique and promising avenue for those vested interest in nurturing the advancement of AI technology startups. Its deflationary mechanism is also triggered by a 2% tax on purchase and sale transactions, with the collected fees directed to a dedicated Burn wallet. 

This gradual reduction in token supply is designed to enhance the token’s value over time. Furthermore, a 5% sell tax is crucial in fueling a specialized reward pool, incentivizing investors to engage in token staking and reap attractive returns.

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Borroe($ROE): Powering Web3 Funding

Borroe ($ROE) stands as a decentralized finance (DeFi) marvel, constructed on the robust Polygon blockchain (Ethereum Sidechain). It has captured the attention of crypto enthusiasts, particularly those intrigued by artificial intelligence.

Pioneering a distinct value proposition, Borroe introduces an approach to Web3 fundraising, positioning its native $ROE as a pinnacle of cryptocurrency investments.

At the heart of Borroe lies an AI-driven NFT marketplace, extending a unique avenue for builders, creators, and Web3 participants to secure upfront capital from projected recurring revenues. This strategic maneuver not only fuels DeFi’s expansion but also reinvents how fundraising is accomplished in this landscape.

Borroe’s ingenuity shines through its instant funding methodology. Enterprises harness the power of NFTs, transforming forthcoming and outstanding invoices into enticing tokens. These NFTs can be traded at discounted rates on the marketplace, facilitating swift access to liquidity.

Borroe offers a transformative feature that allows users to convert potential income streams, like royalties and subscriptions, into tradeable non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

These unique NFTs serve a dual purpose – they can be showcased on Borroe’s marketplace to attract potential investor support and are tradable on secondary markets, enhancing liquidity opportunities.

This strategic integration of NFTs adds a dynamic layer to Borroe’s ecosystem, fostering financing and tradability.

The Borroe ($ROE) presale is live, with more than 53.8% of $ROE tokens already sold. Offering a presale price of $0.0125 and a projected price of $0.040 aftr the enter 7 stages. 

The inherent nature of $ROE as a deflationary token also underlines its role as a resilient store of value. Designed to encourage retention, discourage excess spending, elevate scarcity, and foster broad adoption, $ROE demonstrates its potential to stand the test of time.

The dynamic duo at the helm of Borroe, Maxim Prishchepo and Michael Price bring substantial experience from the fintech and financial domains, bolstering the project’s credibility and efficacy.

The recent acquisition of a compliance certificate from BlockAudit, following a thorough audit of Borroe’s smart contract, reinforces the platform’s credibility.

Borroe’s commitment to transparency is underscored by the public availability of its smart contract address. This ensures that the integrity of the contract can be verified, fostering secure transactions.

$ROE is indispensable in surmounting funding hurdles faced by Web3 businesses, plugging the void left by conventional financing entities that struggle to cater to these pioneering startups.

Holders of $ROE also gain access to reduced transaction fees, active participation in governance decisions, and incentives for timely repayments.

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