Top Cryptos Are in the Red. InQubeta Approaches $3m Sold

81% Of Top 100 Cryptos Are in the Red This Week. Qube Approaches $3M Sold as Traders Diversify

The dawn of 2023 brought a glimmer of hope for the cryptocurrency market, yet it’s become evident that the crypto rollercoaster ride remains far from its conclusion.

Despite a year of gradual recuperation from past challenges, crypto tokens find themselves facing an uphill battle to reclaim their previous all-time highs. Amid this ongoing market downturn, InQubeta has introduced the $QUBE token, which is making significant strides in its presale, nearing the $3 million mark. 

Crypto’s Constant Swings

The cryptocurrency market is known for its wild swings, often shifting from optimism to pessimism and back again. This volatile nature makes it hard to predict. Last month, it seemed like stability was on the horizon until the impact of U.S. inflation on liquidity sent ripples through the market.

Despite the optimism, most cryptocurrencies are far from their all-time highs. Take Bitcoin, for instance; it’s still over 60% down from its peak of $69,000 in November 2021. Ethereum, another top player, currently sits at $1,600, a long way from its 2021 high of $4,800. 

Recent Market Movements

Over the past week, Bitcoin has danced between the 25k and 26k range. There was some excitement yesterday (Sept. 7) as the market showed upward movement, with Bitcoin leading the charge, surging from a low of 25,650 to 26,400. However, gains from yesterday have vanished, with BTC slipping back below $26,000. 

Unfortunately, many altcoins also find themselves in the red this week. Ethereum is down by -1.1% this week. XRP has lost -1.3%, and the more volatile CYBER has seen a staggering -48% decrease within the week.

InQubeta’s (QUBE) Innovative Approach

Amidst this crypto turbulence, InQubeta (QUBE) shines as a groundbreaking crypto crowdfunding platform. This platform aims to transform how AI startups raise funds and interact with their communities. InQubeta acts as a bridge between investors and AI startups, offering fractional investment options through their unique NFT marketplace.

Each investment opportunity on InQubeta is transformed into an NFT and fractionalized, making it accessible to investors of all budgets. This approach benefits early backers and encourages support for AI startups. Their NFT marketplace provides AI startups with a space to raise funds and offer reward and equity-based NFTs, creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem for startups and $QUBE token holders.

QUBE, InQubeta’s native token, has made impressive progress in its presale. The platform has successfully sold over $2.9 million worth of tokens and is currently in stage 4 with more than 71% of tokens sold.

InQubeta envisions a future where AI technology and crypto intersect. They recognize the limitations of traditional investment methods and have harnessed the power of blockchain and smart contracts to create a transparent, secure, and democratic investment ecosystem. This ecosystem fosters the growth and success of AI technology startups.

$QUBE tokens not only serve as an investment but also grant governance capabilities to holders. This means token holders actively participate in decision-making processes. They can propose ideas, engage in community discussions, cast votes on proposals, and contribute to the platform’s development and direction.

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