LayerZero integrates Google Cloud as default verifier

LayerZero integrates Google Cloud as default verifier

  • Google Cloud will be set as default verifier of every message within LayerZero by September 19, 2023.
  • LayerZero is a cross-chain communication protocol developed by $3 billion startup LayerZero Labs.

LayerZero Labs, the team behind the cross-chain communication protocol LayerZero, has announced integration with Google Cloud. 

Per an announcement published Tuesday, the startup’s integration with the leading cloud provider involves the use of Google Cloud oracles to verify the validity of all messages sent between blockchains across the LayerZero ecosystem.

Tapping into Google Cloud’s secure infrastructure

According to LayerZero, applications within the blockchain messaging protocol’s ecosystem can now tap into Google Cloud’s secure infrastructure that provides for a purpose-built verifier. The roll out comes after more than a year of collaboration and is available immediately to all applications utilizing LayerZero.

The Google Cloud oracle is meant to serve as the https of cross-chain messaging. Just like they verify all https certificates to attest to the validity of the website, The Google Cloud oracle is now additionally verifying all LayerZero messages by default,” LayerZero Labs wrote.

Officially, the crypto startup will have Google Cloud configured as its default messaging verifier across the platform on September 19, 2023. LayerZero sees this as a significant milestone that adds to the network’s reliability and security.

LayerZero Labs raised $120 million in its series B funding round backed by a16z, Sequoia Capital, Circle Ventures and Samsung Next. The round gave the blockchain startup a valuation of $3 billion at the time. 

As CoinJournal recently reported, the company is facing a lawsuit from FTX that seeks to recover $21 million. FTX Ventures co-led LayerZero’s extended Series A round that raised $135 million at a valuation of $1 billion in March 2022.

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