Crypto Wallet MetaMask Now Facilitates Bitcoin Swaps With Snaps

Crypto Wallet MetaMask Launches Sell to Fiat Feature

Popular Ethereum crypto wallet MetaMask continues to roll out new functionality, and its latest upgrade could be one of the most significant yet. MetaMask Snaps makes the wallet modular, allowing users to add features and functionality from independent developers. 

On September 12, MetaMask lead developer Dan Finlay announced the launch of the first version of MetaMask Snaps.

MetaMask Snaps Open Beta is “the first step towards our journey to create a fully permissionless ecosystem with MetaMask,” according to the announcement.

Moreover, MetaMask Snaps has also been described as plugins that enable more functionality for users, including Bitcoin.

THORChain advocate “TCB” tested the system using the ShapeShift multichain Snap. They said, “The wallets are automatically generated from your root key, and it takes less than a minute to install.” Adding on to that, they said,

“This makes centralized exchanges obsolete. MetaMask users can execute swaps from Ethereum to Bitcoin at a cheaper rate. I did a test transaction from ETH to BTC, it was the most seamless experience I’ve had in DeFi, two clicks, and a signature.”

The launch includes new blockchains, transaction security, and notification Snaps. More APIs are planned, like new account types, custom assets, and home screen widgets.

Moreover, MetaMask partnered with Agoric to design the secure JavaScript confinement system used by Snaps. It described this as a major technical accomplishment.

The launch represents a new chapter for MetaMask. The crypto wallet can now leverage much more creativity from the community. Finlay commented: 

“This isn’t just a feature release, this is the product taking a dramatically more externally collaborative posture.”

He added, stating the single major limitation: one cannot extend it fully without permission.

“The Snaps that can be installed are ones that we approved because we confirmed they were audited,” he confirmed before concluding: 

“Today it seems like computers are either safe walled gardens or totally insecure but permissionless, and I believe we’ve built foundations for carving a space that is neither of those things.” 

New Milestones

At the time of writing, the crypto wallet had 34 MetaMask-vetted Snaps available.

In addition to ShapeShift, others included Cosmos, Solana Wallet, Starknet, Aptos Wallet, Algorand Wallet, Sui Wallet, and Tezos Wallet. 

MetaMask Snaps Directory. Source: MetaMask

Earlier this month, MetaMask launched a crypto wallet sell-to-fiat feature. However, it was currently only available in the US, UK, and parts of Europe for USD, GBP, and EUR conversions.

Additionally, the crypto wallet rolled out Ethereum purchases via PayPal for its American users in May.


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