Quarter Of US Female Investors Invest In Crypto For School Fees

27% of US Female Crypto Investors Spend Profits on Children’s Education: Report

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitget has disclosed that 27% of female investors in the United States invest in crypto to cover their children’s education expenses.

Meanwhile, the report further reveals that nearly 19% of Chinese investors have invested a minimum of $100,000 in crypto.

Female Crypto Investors Outpace Males in Strategic Planning

In a recent report, it was highlighted education continues to be a primary objective for female investors in Turkey and the US. However, female investors in South Korea and Japan are using crypto to enhance their “personal financial situations.”

“Notably, 49% of female users in South Korea and 41% in Japan invest with this goal in mind, whereas the percentages drop to 45% and 30% for males respectively.”

Crypto ownership among consumers in the US Aug 2022-October 2022, by age and gender. Source: Statista

Furthermore, a rising number of female investors in South Korea and Japan reportedly hope that crypto will lead to better living situations:

Additionally, 17% of South Korean male investors were dabbling crypto to improve family finances.

On the other hand, 19% of Chinese investors have allocated a minimum of $100,000 to cryptocurrency. Additionally, 18% of Chinese investors had a minimum of 18% of their portfolios invested in the asset.

However, users in Malaysia and Taiwan perceive crypto investments as a vital means of supporting their family’s income. The reported noted 36% of respondents from these regions prioritizing their family’s quality of life above other financial objectives.

In April 2022, BeInCrypto’s report indicated that female cryptocurrency adoption was surpassing that of their male counterparts.



Over the 12-month period, female involvement in crypto surged by 172%, whereas it only increased by 80% for men.


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